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Product : Polyacrylamide

[ Properties ]
Polyacrylamide, abbreviation PAM, is a glassy solid, apt to water absorbing; the speed of absorbing water varies with different derivative ions. It is soluble in water and organic solvents as acetic acid, glycol, glycerin and amine. It will dissolve after long time heating. Dissolving temperature is over 200oC.It carbonates to black powder at 210oC without oxygen.
It could be made to four series, e.g., non-ion, cation, anion and mixed cation & anion.

[ Usages ]

It is an important water-soluble compound with the properties of flocculation, thickening, cut-resisting,block-reducing dispersing, etc.. These properties vary with different derivative ions.So it is widely used in the field of oil extraction, mining selecton, coat washing, metallurgy, chemical, papermaking, sugar refining, pharmaceutical, environment protection, construction materials  and agriculture.

[ Storage, Transport & Attentions ]
 The product itself has no toxicity unless over 0.005 of it is absorbed that will do harm to stomach. The remains of PAM are  poisonous. Strictly control the dose in food. Avoid moisture in storage & transport.

 [Package ]
  25kg/bag (Powder), inner bag is PVC film, outer weaved plastic bag.


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