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Located in the beautiful city  Jiangyin, Wuxi, Jiangyin Victory Chemical Co., Ltd. is well known in China and abroad for its expertise in the following:

Industrial chemicals
Wet cooling pad


It is specialized in production, R&D and sales of agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, pigments, and wet cooling pad. It has become one the fastest growing companies in Jiangyin,  a modern port city in Yangtze River Delta which ranks  No. 1 GDP County of China. Only 1.5 hour drive’s away from Shanghai, it enjoys excellent transportation, sea, land and air. It has franchised 3 technical synthesis plants, invested in 2 formulators, 1 chemical plant, 1 wet cooling pad plant. The products are exported to all over the world: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Saudi, Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippine, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Papua New Guinea...

      You are welcome to visit or contact us for a fruitful cooperation!  Our company motto:  A friend indeed can only be made by a win-win game; A real success is to join the hands of friends for mutual success!

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